International Relations Fisip Holds National Conference and Meeting AIHII Regional Central Java

National Conference “Revisiting the Indonesian Economic Diplomacy in Crisis Global Challenges“, Tuesday, October 4, 2016 was officially opened by the Dean Fisip Unsoed. This activity is a meeting of the International Relations Studies Program in Central Java to harmonize and unify the step changing world faces numerous challenges in the context of international relations.

Chairman of the International Relations Fisip Muhamad Yamin, M.Si expressed gratitude that the National Seminar was attended by representatives Prodi HI Central Java, such as HI UNDIP, HI UNWAHAS, HI UKSW, HI UNS, HI UNISRI and HI Peradaban University Bumiayu. Starting this afternoon AIHII (Association of International Relations Indonesia) Central Java region will convene in structuring the organization and curriculum of International Relations. This meeting agenda as well as the maturation of HI Fisip Unsoed as host national AIHII to 8 in 2017.

Dean Fisip Unsoed, Dr. Ali Rokhman appreciation for the implementation of the National Conference and gait Department HI Fisip in department association at national level. He submitted that the quality of HI students is increasing, capable of being young diplomats reliable. As Nara Rahmatia public concern over the debate in the UN. Dean also advised that a national seminar participants can follow carefully in order to obtain the maximum benefit.

Keynote speakers of this National Conference Drs. Isman Pasha, MH, Director of ASEAN Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Drs. Wahyudhi Arif, Head Ekuindag BAPPEDA Central Java Province and Dr. Agus Haryanto, Lecturer in International Relations Fisip Unsoed. Practitioners and academics have discussed the economic diplomacy activities that affect the reality of people’s everyday lives.

According to Muhamad Yamin This seminar is important that students be able to open the eyes on the issue of economic diplomacy. Economic problems also in the end not only affect the welfare problem alone. The student of the security will be able to see the conflict and violence that is present in a situation of inequality, even the power of transnational movements affect countries in economic issues. Later becoming increasingly aware that it can be fixed through negotiations (diplomacy) internationally.

HI FISIP UNSOED, Onward Never Surrender….!!!