Dr. Djarot Santoso, M.S., Elected as Dean Fisip Period 2017 – 2021

After passing several stages, including the typical FISIP Unsoed stage, finally Dr. Djarot Santoso, M.S., was elected as the Dean of FISIP period 2017 -2021. The peak of Dean elections held on Wednesday (3/04) yesterday with the top stages of the election by the faculty senate and Rector Unsoed.

Present in the election event are all members of faculty senate and Vice Rector IV Unsoed who also represent the Rector in bringing the voice of Rector in the Election of Dean of FISIP period 2017-2021. Dean of FISIP Dr. Ali Rokhman said in his speech that this election is expected to be elected the best Dean candidate, capable of implementing the vision and mission of Unsoed, as directed by Rector at the moment of vision mision exposition ago. The same thing was also conveyed by the Chairman of the Senate of FISIP Unsoed Prof. Israwan, “Anyone who finally elected to be the Dean of FISIP period 2017-2021, it becomes the best choice for all of us, and should be a waiter for FISIP academic community, he also added if later in the calculation process there drow then the decision in determining dean FISIP period 2017-2021 is on the Rector “.

The voting process ended at 11:00 am and continued with a vote counted directly by the chairman of the committee. Dr. Sukarso, M.Si., said vote cards are to be valid if the voting is in the blue line box on the candidate’s dean picture. The vote card is clued to find out the number of candidates being punched. The atmosphere is getting louder because the vote between the two dean candidates overtook each other, and on the counting of the voting card remains one that has not been open while the number 1 gets 16 votes and the number 2 gets 15 votes. On this occasion the head of the FISIP Senate Unsoed reiterated that if the remaining ballots that live 1 is the 2nd order then the result drow we return to the Rector as a decision. But the last vote card dropped Dr. Djarot Santoso, M.S., who delivered him with 17 votes and Dr. Muslih Faozanudin, M.Sc., got 15 votes. A total of 32 voters were cast on 21 members of the FISIP Senate and 11 from the rector’s vote.

The results of this sound is not much different from the results of screening by lecturers held some time ago. A very thin difference, indicating the tight competition between the two candidates of the Dean of FISIP also shows the quality and capacity of candidates who are equally good.

Fisip Unsoed, Onward Never Surrender…!