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Fisip Presents Prof. Purnomo Yusgiantoro in Scientific Discussion

Amid the semester holiday, to take place in the courtroom of the International Relations Department, Tuesday (07/2), FISIP Unsoed organized scientific discussions. Discussions with the topic of Energy and Regional Conflicts: Border Perpespektif, presented former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and former Defense Minister Prof. Ir. Purnomo Yusgiantoro, MSc., MA., PhD. Attending the discussion Fisip lecturers, instructors and the State Police School Students and academic staff Fisip Unsoed.

In his speech, Dr. Dean Fisip Ali Rokhman deliver highly appreciates the convening of this scientific discussion, because the problem of the availability of energy to be a problem together and very easily lead to conflict. With the theme is very interesting and can always be explored potential problems and solutions, challenges and demands of us together for always play a role in formulating it for nation building.

In his introduction, Prof. Purnomo Yusgiantoro said the greatest global threat today is the scarcity of water resources, energy and food. The scarcity of resources into non-military threats to a country, but it can turn into a threat to the sovereignty of the state when the state has enough budget but has a shortage of natural resources and food. Regional threats mainly in the states borders as a result of differences in the perception of the border, a potential source of power and as a pathway to hide the separatists. For those reasons, a particular security is done on the management of natural resources (energy) in the border region which is the nation's wealth.

Various solutions to resolve the border conflict is using the spirit cantonal (asean), using an umbrella bilateral agreement, formed a negotiating team of the border, to avoid the interference of third parties and using the theory of unitization. However, "the perception of the border region is an integral part of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia political, economic and social culture in relation to border management will be crucial to the way the management of border areas, which cover aspects of security and properity", he concluded.

Fisip Unsoed, Onward Never Surrender...!

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