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PKKM Provide New Ford World Campus Students

The entire freshmen class of 2014 follow PKKM, Character and Personality Development of Students for two days, August 26 to 27 2014 This event is an event debriefing for students in entering college life. A number of 755 new students from 10 Faculty of Social Studies Program UNSOED blend, divided into 24 classes. Each class is guided by the trainers (lecturers) and co-trainer (student). A total of 14 classes are in Grendeng campus while classes are in the number 10 Karangwangkal Campus.

The two-day activity does emphasize the importance of soft skills. According to Agus Sapto Trainer, a person's success is not dependent on technical skills, but the qualities that are included in the category of soft skills (soft skills) or the skills to relate to others (people skills). PKKM material presented by, among others, relating Trainer UNSOED vision, character development in accordance with Commander Sudirman, students explore the skills needed to complete the education and life in hopes of known hard skills and soft skills, personality development prestatif ranging from goal setting and life purpose and learn cooperation, communication, honest, caring and persistent.

Provision of material delivered dialogue. New students are invited to explore the values​​, the nature or character that comes from the surrounding environment, the closest though. Presentation using the KISS ME, Imaginative Creative Spiritual Music Emotion socialization. Training is to optimize the brain. Training using this method can awaken "the sleeping giant" of the human brain Sulthon M. Trainer said. Furthermore jointly directed participants to learn, perform and teach. The third process is a unity that is formed personality intact. In other languages​​, this activity directing the unity of word and deed, so that the new students not having a split personality, said Trainer M. Sulthon.

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