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FISIP UNSOED Earn Runner Up in the event UNSOED Fair

Featuring the work of academics and university students as well as the orange- knacks cultural artifacts, Faculty of Social and Politic Sicence UNSOED won the best stand second in the event UNSOED Fair 2013. Event that was held for three days from last Friday, followed by seven of the eight faculties, institutions, administrative agencies and technical implementation units on campus living monument nicknamed struggle  Great Commander General Sudirman.

"It is inevitable faculty leadership role in supporting this event was remarkable, " said Dr. Wisnu Widjanarko, Head of Comunication Laboratory Fisip UNSOED who lined up as the Chairman of the Organizing Committee. "The preparation we practically only three days, but faculty leaders to intervene directly oversee everything, " said Dr. Wisnu. "He said that all management majors and courses were admirable. "It sends the exhibition material, from books, journals, multimedia learning, and variety of cultural artifacts, so the executive committee reflects the abundant material around the majors and courses that exist in FISIP UNSOED", he said. While not forgetting the role of the administrative ranks of teachers who participated contribute to the success of this.

For three days , stand FISIP UNSOED featuring a number of works that reflect the uniqueness of the study program . Of textbook work of the faculty, student lab work , to knick - knacks cultural artifacts typical of Banyumas , Japanese , Mandarin and Australia . Besides visualization also presented international relations and the production of multimedia communication.

Good Luck..Fisip UNSOED ... Go ahead give up ...

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