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Recognition of Academic Existence of FISIP in the International Conference in Bangkok

FISIP participate proud to send two lecturers Dr.

FISIP UNSOED and RRI Purwokerto Intertwine Cooperation to Build Character and Creativity Youths

Base on invitation of Chief of Station RRI Purwokerto, Dean Fisip Unsoed Ali Rokhman, Ph.D., and his entourage visited RRI Purwokerto on Monday (16/03). The delegation consisting of the Dean, Vice Dean Dr.

Dr. Hariyadi Presented Islamic Pop Culture and Young Indonesian Muslim Identity in UNPAD

Popular culture is a product as well as practice that bridge Islam to reflect a dramatic change in Muslim identity.

Pioneered PIKM in Central Java, "Aksiologi" Department of Sociology FISIP UNSOED Held Genre Goes to Campus

Placed at Secretariat of the Family Sociology Students (KBMS) Department of Sociology, Monday (17/11) ago, conducted inauguration Center  of Information and Counseling Sudent (PIKM) with the name Aksiol

Academics Fisip UNSOED Presented Research Results in IEDRC

One more international recognition of the results of academic research FISIP UNSOED. Research conducted in the area affected eruption of Mount Merapi, bertujuab ubtuk looking for a model of community economic empowerment.