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Fisip Presents Prof. Purnomo Yusgiantoro in Scientific Discussion

Amid the semester holiday, to take place in the courtroom of the International Relations Department, Tuesday (07/2), FISIP Unsoed organized scientific discussions.

Fisip Unsoed Interlace International Cooperation in Higher Education of China

International cooperation is an important aspect in strengthening the business and institutional development. Adhering to the principle that, in the early 2017's, FISIP Unsoed back in initiating new system of alliances with foreign partners.

Master in Communication Sciences Official Start of Commercial Operations in 2017

Located at the Postgraduate Study of Social Unsoed, present Dean, Vice Dean, the Chairman and Secretary of the Department, Head of Studies, Head of Administration and the Head of Subdivision, Lecturer Fisip Unsoed environment.

Utopia Child Friendly Education

The problem child is still the center of attention of the world community. In an effort to fulfill children's right to a decent education, they still experience discrimination and marginalization.

Student Association AN FISIP Rais Regional Potential Development in National Seminar

HMJ AN FISIP UNSOED organizes National Seminar, Thursday, December 8, 2016 with the theme "Strategy for Improving Public Service and Regional Potential Development Through Inter-regional Cooperation". This National Seminar speakers are Dr.