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Utopia Child Friendly Education

The problem child is still the center of attention of the world community. In an effort to fulfill children's right to a decent education, they still experience discrimination and marginalization. The position of children in educational practice in community lebihbsering positioned as an object rather than a subject of active education. They are still often victims.

There are many things that the world's attention related problems of children. The social life in the community as if he had become a welcoming place for them. In fact, the family as the first environment for them is also potential to make children as victims of domestic violence. Economic factors often blamed as the culprit of violence in the household. Kids are the ones who are so weak that they are vulnerable positioned as victims of parental anger.

School as a Fortress

School as a secondary environment in the process of socialization of children is expected to be a place that gives happiness and comfort for them. School should be a place the process of child-friendly education. At school, children should be free from violence, and capable of making them as autonomous and independent individuals.

In early 2015, the Minister of Education Anies Baswedan ever launched a program of "friend Kemdikbud". By launching this program, Education Minister wants to reduce the risk of accidents faced each student when studying by inviting citizens to report when encountering things that are harmful. To facilitate this, Kemendikbud also open the reporting site named "".

Some time later, coinciding with Mother's Day 2015, under the control Kemdikbud Anies Baswedan launched the "Friends of Family" to address The page contains tales, anthem, folk songs, family profiles great, and profiles of schools inspiring. In addition, the page also provides a discussion forum for people to discuss the problems of education of children in the family.

Then, in late January 2016, Kemdikbud positive again made a breakthrough with the launch of the program "safe school". This was followed by the launch of pages Through the safe school program, Education Minister of trying to create an atmosphere of schools that are safe, free from violence, harassment, hazing, or other forms of violence in schools ,

Minister of Education Anies Baswedan policies tend to interpret the prevention of violence against children are physically alone. In fact, we can not shy away from the fact that in reality the children also become victims of "non-physical violence". A simple example, foolish child is seen as a disgrace. Instead of making the child into a genius child, many parents force him lessons of this and that every day regardless of the needs, desires, as well as the capacity of children. It is a form of selfishness parents (Martono, 2015).

"Coercion" not only do families. Indirectly countries also do the same. Countries using the school's curriculum to realize his ambitions against children. The curriculum is not designed with the capability, the diversity of social conditions, and the needs of children.

First grade elementary school age children are forced to learn many subjects. The number of subjects is directly proportional to the load of the textbooks they have to carry and read. As a result, almost every day they have to "bear" school bag full of textbooks.

Objectification of a child in the power relations in the sphere of education can also be found in the content or substance of subjects. Many textbooks are prepared without taking into consideration the child's ability: to use language and words that are difficult to understand children or not in accordance with the child's power of reason; exposing the material is very dense; and using very small printing.

Indirectly, the education system in schools also snatched a child's play time. Play is actually the means they conduct an intensive socialization with their peers. Schools were forcing children to linger focus on the lessons exhausting.

Capitalistic Education

This is a reflection that the practice of education in schools is education capitalistic practices. Marx (anyon, 2011) the German sociologist mentioned that education in school is actually geared to meet the needs of the capitalists. The condition of the schools are not child friendly in fact is the impact of education capitalistic. Kids need a lot of knowledge required to master the world of work.

The values espoused capitalist socialized in the school environment. Call it a value of "competition" which is always the jargon in many schools. Liberal ideology of using competition as a mechanism to motivate every school to advance into school quality. As a result, all schools are trying to win the competition by using your child or student as the main tool.

The success of the child claimed as a success of the school is able to raise the prestige or credibility. Meanwhile, all the students were forced to compete with each other; they are required to have the same ability regardless of socio-economic conditions of diverse learners. Honours students "sold" as a promotional tool school. We can guess, who is able to win the competition. Bourdieu and Passeron (1977) believes that only the upper class students were able to win, while the lower class students is difficult to realize the dream of winning the competition. This is due to upper class children have a lot of economic capital, cultural capital, and social capital are difficult owned subsidiary of the lower classes.

Children who have lost their autonomy, so it can not be developed in accordance with the potential or ability. They should "play a role" according to the scenario of school and state. The uniqueness of the child was uprooted. Schools will no longer be an institution that accommodates the uniqueness and diversity of the potential of each individual. Children also become the object of its parents and the school.

Educational practices that promote the ideology of capitalism tends to disadvantage certain groups who do not have the "capital" and weak. They continue to be the object of power is removing its autonomy as individuals.

Those are some things that should be a concern when the government wanted to realize the child-friendly education. Children are not only victims of physical violence. They also become victims of symbolic violence (to borrow a phrase Bourdieu) that is done unconsciously, and they "voluntarily" positioned themselves as victims. They did not realize that he is the victim of a social system that is not on their side.

By Nanang Martono,PhD.,  lecturer of Sociology Faculty of Social and Political Science Unsoed

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