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PIKMA Aksiology Invite Students Behaving Healthy Living

Student Information and Counseling Center (PIKMA) Aksiology held a socialization Genre programe at Fisip’s Hall late last month. Event followed by a number of 150 students, including representatives of other universities such as the UMP and STAIN Purwokerto. Chairman of the committee, Lulu Atun Nafisa deliberately inviting other university students to be able to work together in obtaining information, counseling and life skills related to reproductive health.

The first speaker in this activity is the coach PIKMA Rien Rostikawati, M.Si discusses Implementation Genre (generation plan) Programe in college. She stressed that a container-managed PIKMA of, by and for students. Peer to peer activity is expected more and more effective in serving the information or counseling, because it is done by a fellow student.

Furthermore, the second speaker, Chief of Family Planning and Family Welfare (KB –KS Head) Bapermas PKB Banyumas Drs Slamet Hartono. He presented material about GENRE Program. He was very concerned with the problems of the younger generation were very quaint and unique. Drug abuse and free sex instead of difficult to eradicate, even among fellow students approach is becoming the critical success of this program.

The younger generation in this condition requires treatment course as well as information as possible regarding reproductive health, the importance of properly managing future behavior through leaving beneficial and damaging the future of adolescence itself. One program that facilitates teenagers and young people to learn to understand and practice healthy behavior and morals to reach teens as the basis for realizing robustness Generation Planning (genre), concluded Drs. Slamet Hartono.

PIKMA Axiology, Onward abstinence Surrender....!

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