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Balegenggong Nusantara Cultural Festival Collaboration Himakom Fisip UNSOED and Youth Grendeng

Fantastic ! It describes how the hegemony audience at the Kue Lapis produced by Himakom collaboration with the Youth Gema Purwantara 2 Grendeng. In the Field Grendeng, various events are displayed to attract thousands of spectators from Grendeng residents and surrounding areas. As if not to be outdone, the students also enliven the show proficiency level. Indonesia is one country that is made ​​up of diverse ethnic, religious and rich cultural heritage of the island as well as a unique, interesting and should be developed and preserved. From this background, Himakom Unsoed again held an annual program of cultural themed archipelago that Kue Lapis, Balegenggong Nusantara. Activities carried out on Saturday (18/10) yesterday, was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Social PKA, Ali Rokhman, Ph.D., and was attended by the village chief and his officials and coaches Grendeng, Himakom Chief and some lecturers of science communication.

Kue Lapis this year with a lively and successful in the open by a carnival of elementary school students in Grendeng and Remoef. Events that carry a lot of missions with one of them introduce the culture of the archipelago, this Kue Lapis generally aims to bring students to the community around the campus, especially the Grendeng. Himakom Unsoed make this activity again, not as mere entertainment, but also as an activity that appreciates archipielago culture, especially the culture of Banyumas. Kenthongan, Lengger lanang incorporated in a series of dance parade archipelago also invite friends of the Faculty of Medicine and the Society of Children Students Transmigrants UNSOED.

Event Layer Cake as well as a forum for communication science students apply the knowledge they have gained in the lecture bench. Also a means for the Family Student FISIP (KBMF) and Grendeng citizens to develop their talents in the arts so they can participate in Layer Cake stage. Not only them, Kue Lapis Street Vendors invited to participate in a food booth at the event enliven Kue Lapis as well as the exhibition of Indonesian snacks, because culture just not art but also culinary. The program is set to get an appreciation of the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political sciences as a form of realization of the vision and the faculty mission UNSOED of building local knowledge. Acoustic performances from local bands and fireworks Setiyardji close the evening peak Kue Lapis. This event certainly provides many benefits for students and the community Grendeng. Hopefully Layer Cake event can continue to be held in the next year and getting better and continue to provide benefits in the future. (Rizka) (Editor: Adlia and Fikry)

FISIP UNSOED, Onward Never Surrender...!

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