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Fisip Unsoed Interlace International Cooperation in Higher Education of China

International cooperation is an important aspect in strengthening the business and institutional development. Adhering to the principle that, in the early 2017's, FISIP Unsoed back in initiating new system of alliances with foreign partners. This time with universities from China; Shanghai Jianqiao University and Intermark International Design College (IIDC).

Inauguration of cooperation between the two parties held on Monday, January 23, 2017, interrupted the activities SPECIAL WORKSHOP DESIGN titled "Futuristic Design Trend in University Education and Job Prospect in China" organized by the IIDC and Indonesia and Korea Culture and Study (IKCS) in The Cipaku Garden Hotel , Bandung.

Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Science Unsoed, Dr. Ali Rokhman, M.Si opportunity to present directly formalize the cooperation through the signing of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the leadership of the IIDC, Prof. James Hyung Suk Kim, Ph.D., who is also known is a Global Brand Naming and Cunsultant that handles many large multinational companies such as Hyundai, LG, Samsung, CJ, and many others.

Dr. Ali Rokman great hopes of the fabric of this cooperation. "There are scholarship opportunities for graphic design. Hopefully I have a special line for S1 and S2. Opportunity for our alumni, especially for alumni of the Department of Communication, and can Double Degree with universities in France, "he said.

The same opinion was expressed by Prof. James Hyung Suk Kim. He said that this cooperation should bring great benefits to both institutions. "Students studying at our place will get a new learning experience because we are different methods of learning and teaching the majority of practitioners engaged directly in large enterprises of China, Korea, America, France, and many others," he said.

Fisip Unsoed, Onward Never Surrender...!

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