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Student Association AN FISIP Rais Regional Potential Development in National Seminar

HMJ AN FISIP UNSOED organizes National Seminar, Thursday, December 8, 2016 with the theme "Strategy for Improving Public Service and Regional Potential Development Through Inter-regional Cooperation". This National Seminar speakers are Dr. Soni Sumarsono, MDM., (Director General of Regional Autonomy Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Indonesia), Depl-Ing. Benjamin Abdurahman (Executive Director of the Inter-regional Cooperation Agency) and Dr. Restyarto Efiawan, SE. MM., (Executive Director Barlingmascakeb).

This event was attended by many people, Dean, Vice Dean, the chairman of the Department, Government of Kebumen and Banyumas regency, the Directorate General of Regional Autonomy Interior Ministry, NGOs and students. Rector Unsoed pleased to be present at the same time formally opened the National Seminar.

Rector Unsoed greatly appreciate this activity. Moreover, the student committee can present Acting Director General of Regional Autonomy at the same time as Jakarta Governor (PLT)  Dr. Soni Sumarsono, M.DM. Besides the study of public services and regional cooperation is quite right with the current issue in improving the welfare of society at the same excellent service.

Dr. S. Sumarsono, MDM., that conveys the importance of regional cooperation in which there are regional innovation. Innovation areas are also described in Law No. 23 Year 2014. Concretely, in the inter-regional cooperation can be defined by the relationship patterns between regions. Generally, inter-regional cooperation in order to avoid imbalances, which became known as the concept of balance. This concept has shifted no longer based on the administrative boundary between regions, but based on the functional boundaries between regions.

The second speaker is Depl-Ing. Benjamin Abdurahman an academic, stressed the concept of inter-regional cooperation where there are three dimensions in inter-regional cooperation, namely the structural dimension, business and non-structural dimensions. Unfortunately, the bureaucrats only put forward any structural dimensions, said Benjamin. They put aside the other dimensions. Non structural dimension always overrides hierarchical and always put coordination and communication then conducted cooperation.

Practitioner Dr. Restyanto Efiawan, SE, MM., Focusing on the regional management as one of the concepts in inter-regional cooperation. One of the benefits obtained with the cooperation between the regions in which the procurement barlingmascakeb airports as ease of access of investors in barlingmascakeb environment that can boost the economy of each region. Another benefit that is the auction market that sells agricultural products. Therefore, with the auction market to improve the welfare of farmers in product sales.

Public Administration Fisip Unsoed, Onward Never Surrender....!

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