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Introduction Authenticity Campus Life FISIP UNSOED

For two days, Friday-Saturday 28th - August 29th, 2014 Introduction of Campus Life activities organized by BEM FISIP UNSOED. After a day yesterday following the admission of new students with the Dean and his staff, new students Fisip currently divided into two parts. A total of 439 student activism on campus Fisip Grendeng, while the number of 316 students carry out activities in the Campus Culture Karangwangkal.

This activity is under the coordination of the BEM FISIP. Chairman of the Committee Introduction of Campus Life is Haki, student of International Relations force 2012. According Haki, this activity is to provide insight momentum for new students about campus life Fisip authenticity. Students Sure theme? an option, so that new students immediately optimize potential to be a real student. Along with the feel of introspection, what kind of students they idolize. Being academically oriented activists or simply color the discussion is the introduction of campus life. Haki brothers hope new students are able to elaborate on the process of introduction of campus life in order to be successful academically activists as well appreciated.

This morning held activities 'tour symbol' introduces the ins and outs of campus corner. Start down the path of struggle passes posters, murals, propaganda and pictures of the activities of SMEs (Student Activity Unit) equip new students about student achievement and militancy Fisip. Azzy field coordinator stated that the creation of this event illustrates the history of the student movement Fisip. That the critical values​​, commitment and solidity into something that can not be compromised, further Azzy excited.

Introduction of Campus Life activities by students gain an appreciation of student affairs Vice Dean III. Drs. Andi Antono, M.Si stated that the committee has prepared this event with a fairly mature. Introduction to college life packed to prepare students psychologically and socially for the new can quickly adapt to college life in general and in particular learning system. Panitiapun ensure that this activity is far from violence and in accordance with the academic culture that developed in the Faculty of Social UNSOED.

FISIP UNSOED, Never Surrender Onward!

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