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Faculty of Social and Politics Scieces UNSOED Implement Reaccreditation of The Administration State Sciences Department

Efforts to improve and maintain the quality of education and teaching continued Fisip UNSOED. One of them is to improve the quality of existing courses by improving assessment evaluates the status of accreditation or accreditation has been obtained. Accreditation a benchmark used as a basis to measure and define the quality and feasibility studies programs in universities in carrying out its programs. Located in Building Master of Public Administration UNSOED, a team of assessors from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN - PT) do visitation and field assessment in order reaccreditation Department of Public Administration Fisip UNSOED. The assessors consists of Prof. Dr. . Kiagus Muhamad Sobri, MSi., from Sriwijaya University and Dr. Dra. Hj. Sintaningrum , MT , from Padjadjaran University, scheduled visitation for 2 days (1-2 October 2013 ) . The arrival of two assessor greeted by the Dean, Vice Dean, along with the managers of the Department of Public Administration and the teaching staff .
Dean Fisip UNSOED Ali Rokhman, Ph.D, in his speech to welcome and congratulations to the assessor in charge of BAN PT. The Dean said that accreditation is very important academic activities/crucial and decisive for the continuation/existence a course of study in college, as well as a measure of the quality of a department. As already known, the Department of Public Administration has been accredited A, and they expire this year , for which the evaluation or reaccreditation by BAN PT.
On this occasion Ali Rokhman, Ph.D., presented a brief portfolio of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) ranging from vision and mission, to faculty governance was followed by a presentation about the profile of the Department of Public Administration Fisip. After the face to face, the event continued with checking the supporting documents/physical evidence that exists for the verification and validation process. All done to support the establishment of the Department of Public Administration superior and can meet the needs of the community, the Department of Public Administration Fisip UNSOED has equipped itself with a number of learning support facilities are fairly representative , such as the Laboratory Management and Development Policy and the Center for Scientific Information. And to maximize the available information, the Department of Public Administration is also equipped with digital information boards .

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