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Ready FISIP Tennis Club Dean Cup title

In the framework of the anniversary activities FISIP UNSOED 30th tennis championship will be held between faculties within the PKA. Fisip Tennis Club as the host tried to entertain other faculty teams as possible.

Evaluation Study and Quality Inputs Determine Success Learning Process

That conclusion resulting from the presentation of Dr. Sofa Marwah in the selection achievement Chairman of Studies Program in Fisip UNSOED.

Introduction Authenticity Campus Life FISIP UNSOED

For two days, Friday-Saturday 28th - August 29th, 2014 Introduction of Campus Life activities organized by BEM FISIP UNSOED.

Dean Leads New Student Welcoming FISIP

Mat new admissions faculty level has been carried out this morning, Thursday, August 28, 2014, d Building Soemardjito Unsoed.

PKKM In New Student Testimonial

The second day Character and Personality Development of Students / PKKM, Wednesday, August 27 2014, training more festive atmosphere. New students have started enjoying activities guided by Trainer and Co-Trainer.