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FISIP UNSOED Earn Lecturer and Head of Studies Program Achievement University Level

The quality of human resources has been proved by the Faculty of Social UNSOED Rector Unsoed determination as a Lecturer and Head of Study Program (Kaprodi) achievement university level.

Schools and Families Prevention Base Free Sex Teen

At the Meeting Room Dean Faculty of Social UNSOED, Saturday (20.09) held focus group discussions (FGD) with the theme 'Formulation of Model-Based Prevention of Adolescent Intercourse Free Schools and Families'.

Students of HI FISIP UNSOED Internship as International Issues Analysis at the Secretariat of Vice President RI Office

After a lengthy selection process, eventually three students of HI Program class of 2011, had the opportunity to intern at the Assistant Deputy International Relations, Political Deputy, Office of the Secretaria

The New Graduate of FISIP UNSOED

'Haru' in Farewell OIU Students

Meeting Room Dean Fisip, Friday 12 September 2014, seven students of Osaka International University (OIU) of Japan and its two companion said goodbye to Dean of FISIP UNSOED. During their seven-day activities and socializing in Navan.