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Soedirman MUN 2016 Reviewing Outbreaks Rape Culture

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016, held the opening Soedirman Model of United Nations (SOEMUN) 2016 SOEMUN event held once a year, and this year is the third year for the implementation of SOEMUN.

Sexual Crimes Can Happen to Anyone

Sexual offense cases are increasingly making parents sad. Chairman of PPT-PKBGA, Tri Wuryaningsih say, sexual abuse can happen to anyone. Not even a hint of cases of infants who are victims of sex crimes from the people around.

Commnication UNSOED Student's Performance Achievement at the National Level

Congratulation Dea, continuing the tradition of PKA (Social UNSOED) who always triumph in the branch Solo Vocal Pop Princess National level .... We as a jury at the University, as well as participate proud alumnus Unsoed ... Success always Dea "
Rindyanti Desniar Nugraheni, Juri Vocal university level, Alumni Fisip Unsoed.

International Relations Fisip Holds National Conference and Meeting AIHII Regional Central Java

National Conference "Revisiting the Indonesian Economic Diplomacy in Crisis Global Challenges", Tuesday, October 4, 2016 was officially opened by the Dean Fisip Unsoed.

Academics Sociology Being Speakers ASEASUK in London