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Ready FISIP Tennis Club Dean Cup title

In the framework of the anniversary activities FISIP UNSOED 30th tennis championship will be held between faculties within the PKA. Fisip Tennis Club as the host tried to entertain other faculty teams as possible. Preparation increasingly matured through the meeting, Wednesday, September 3, 2014 in the RM. Joglo Baturaden. Chairman of the Tennis Club is pleased to present Dr. Masrukin (Vice Dean), Drs. Andi Antono, M.Si (Vice Dean III), faculty and staff in Fisip Unsoed tennis enthusiasts.

Dr. Masrukin explained that we have to prepare two things, first the formation of committees Dean Cup while the second is the maturation Fisip tennis team will also compete in the Dean's Cup Fisip. Informally tennis championships have been informed to the tennis team environment Unsoed faculty. They expressed readiness to enliven, visible from the exercises that have been conducted. Therefore, the team must also immediately laid Fisip and matured, as our target is the first winner, said Vice Dean I was excited.

The meeting participants discussed with regard to the Dean Faculty of Social Cup performances. Many of the entries relating to the success of this event. Although this activity is carried out on a regular basis, but it still requires the coordination and cooperation of the organizing committee. While the preparation of the team will be led by Mr. Andi (Vice Dean III). This month will be held trining center (TC) indoor field for all members of the Faculty of Social Tennis Club, continued Mr. Andi. Will then be selected anyone who entered the novice team and team achievements. According to Mr. Andi, the implementation of the championship will be using the system consists of a group of men's doubles Beginner 2 team, official men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles. Personal determination will be delivered the day of implementation, while evaluating the ability of a member for the TC takes place.

FISIP UNSOED, Never Surrender Onward!

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