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Exemplary Employee University Level Completed Achievement of FISIP

The quality of human resources Fisip get the highest appreciation at the university level again. Is Andi Mustafa, staff of General and Equipment  Sub Division FISIP, becoming the first Exemplary Employee in the  University level 2014. Men's of original Banyumas beat eight candidates from representative faculty and headquarters. This is an annual event to motivate employees to excellent. The evaluation criteria consist of morality, including religious practice or belief in god almighty, mental maturity, manners, family stability; loyalty includes adherence to laws and regulations, awareness of official duty, loyal and obedient to the Pancasila, the Constitution, personality, ability and achievement, also physical health.

Dean of Fisip Dr. Ali Rokhman very proud for this achievement. Dean was very grateful, this achievement complements two previous achievements. Two previous achievements  Dr. Tyas Retno Wulan, M.Si elected as the first outstanding lecturer  and Dr. Sofa Marwah, M.Sc., as the first chief Studies program achievement  at the Unsoed level. "Lecturers and Staff Achievement has become the most beautiful gift  for Fisip on 29th birthday", said Ali Rokhman.  Further more, he said that this achievement  is the product of coaching employees, all staff can be, just a matter of willingness to work better and excelence perform are different. Fisip sees the need of education personnel  or employees who have a professional commitment to improve the excellent service to the academic community Fisip Unsoed.

Andi Mustafa does not expect to achieve this feat. The main principle of work is done in completing their duties and functions work properly, timely and proper administration. Managers of State Property (BMN) Fisip feels 'enjoy' to work. Team work in Sub-Division of General and Equipment has been arranged so that helped completion of work activities. Diligence and neatness of work become the advantages value of the information technology academy graduates. Wonder if Andi Mustafa, A.Md.Kom., become The First Exemplary Servant Jenderal Sudirman University level in 2014

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