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Evaluation Study and Quality Inputs Determine Success Learning Process

That conclusion resulting from the presentation of Dr. Sofa Marwah in the selection achievement Chairman of Studies Program in Fisip UNSOED. Election of achievement  chairman of the Studdies Program level faculty put Dr. Sofa Marwah, M.Si be Chairman of the Studies Program is the first achievement, and will follow the election of achievement chairman of the Study Program in Jenderal Soedirman University level.

According  Dean of Fisip, Dr. Ali Rokhman, Election of Achievement Studies Program is intended to give the award to the Chairman of the Stidues Program which has a high level of achievement in the implementation of management activities at the level of the study program. Achievements that emerged from these elections can be valuable information for college for priority development towards competitiveness of universities to international level of local excellence.

By presentation a paper entitled  "The Urgency of Evaluation of Quality Monitoring Study and Student Input: Analysis of the National Standards for Higher Education“. Sofa Marwah was successfully mapped the key issues in the learning process in the Department of Political Science. Among issues threats Drop Out (DO), a long period of study students and the length of time a student thesis.

Handling these problems, according Sofa, requires intensive coordination between the leadership of the chairman of the department and Quality Assurance Team of faculty. Along with the Education Minister RI Regulation No. 49 of 2014 on the National Standards for Higher Education, it needs special handling on the phenomena occurring in the learning process. Especially with regard to the level of student input quality standards as well as monitoring and evaluation forms students study more forcefully. Article 37 and 38 have charged that student evaluations conducted by the study program in accordance with the Standards of Learning Management which refers to the competency standards, learning contents, the learning process, faculty and staff, as well as learning facilities and infrastructure.

Associated with various types of revenue (input) by college students, the quality of the input must remain a major concern. Doctorate from the University of Indonesia is reminded that the learning process is a system that consists of several interrelated aspects. Then input the initial admission was part of a learning process. Management of learning in accordance with the National Standards for Higher Education be appropriate if accompanied by an evaluation of the quality of student input. More concretely, faculty intensive studies evaluating student achievement by reviewing the student selection path. Furthermore, expected to be the input for the university to make the best acceptance mechanism with the advanced quality of student input.

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