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Department of Culture, Education Seminar on " Motivation Improving Teacher Quality "

Being a teacher or professor who is respected by pupils ( students ), parents or society is the desire of human setian education. Ability to motivate learners is an integral part of the learning process, as this will be related to the quality of the results didikannya . The process of education is the process of transfer of science, knowledge, know-how and skills. So the ability to motivate learners and educators to motivate yourself to be qualified to be a prerequisite that go hand in hand . It is raised on a talk show that was held at the Campus Faculty of Social UNSOED Karangwangkal ( 31/8 ). The event was initiated by S1 Literature Japanese Studies Program presents a motivator of cherry country, Mr . Ueno Katsujiro, followed by the faculty in the Department of Humanities and the Faculty of Social UNSOED school teacher from Navan and surrounding areas.
Dean of the Faculty of Social UNSOED , Ali Rokhman, Ph.D talk at the opening ceremony revealed that the educator profession is noble and highly respected. "Therefore, our attitude and behavior must always be tailored to what and how an educator.  If it is a call to educate the soul , the attitudes and behavior is also a radiant soul, "said doctoral management information systems from Japan's Asahi University. Thus the process of transfer of knowledge and technology and skills, students will produce a quality outcome .
In the dialogue, Mr. Ueno reveal about the fundamental importance of learning as a nation." Necessary for an educator to create a class that's fun, a way to understand the character of each child, " said Mr. Ueno. A teacher or lecturer added prosecuted for vibrant, good at teaching so that children can understand, and more often praised the achievements of learners. Not only that, also disclosed that every person should dare to have dreams that accompanied a way how to make that dream can be realized. Besides, always instilled that the future of a nation depends on the education that is done today.

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