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Dean Leads New Student Welcoming FISIP

Mat new admissions faculty level has been carried out this morning, Thursday, August 28, 2014, d Building Soemardjito Unsoed. Dean of Faculty of Social UNSOED pleasure to present along with the Vice Dean, the Chairman of the Department / Study Program, the Kasubbag in environment as FISIP UNSOED. No exception and some 755 new students from 11 courses.

As Chairman of the Committee, the Vice Dean Dr. Masrukin reported that new student FISIP UNSOED consists of, Sociology Program number of 101 students, the State Administration of Science Program students number 124, Communication Studies Program a number of 101 students, Political Science Program number of 59 students, International Relations Studies Program number of 54 students, Literature Study Program number of 65 students, a number of Indonesian Literature Study Program 67 students, a number of Japanese Literary Studies Program 53 students, English Study Program D3 number of 55 students, Chinese Studies Program D3 as well as a number of 25 students Study Program Indonesian language and literature number 51 students. Vice Dean I would like to welcome all new students, and hopes to quickly adapt to college life.

Dr. Dean Faculty of Social Ali Rokhman no less happy in welcoming new students. He stated that 755 new students a choice young men. To be able to study at an average FISIP must beat 20 rivals. This condition should be grateful because it has gone through quite a rigorous selection. The process of learning is also increasing the quality, as evidenced by the Accreditation with an A (best) to most courses. Therefore, Mr. Ali advised that new students are able to change the 'mind set' in studying in college. After two days of activities beyond PKKM yesterday, he believes the students have learned to change the mindset of being critical, independent and responsible.

After the ceremony the reception was followed by a Public Lecture delivered by Toto Dirgantoro MBA, a successful businessman nationwide. He was presenting a paper titled "Challenges and Opportunities Facing the ASEAN Economic Community 2015" As a businessman who has penetrated the international community, he is very competent in discussing this issue. Especially in improving the quality of Indonesian human resources in order to compete on a global level. This is the urgency for new students as preparation for becoming actors in the ASEAN economic community and become a global human future.

FISIP UNSOED, Never Surrender Onward!

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