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S1 Sasta Jepang

Department of Culture, Education Seminar on " Motivation Improving Teacher Quality "

Being a teacher or professor who is respected by pupils ( students ), parents or society is the desire of human setian education. Ability to motivate learners is an integral part of the learning process, as this will be related to the quality of the results didikannya . The process of education is the process of transfer of science, knowledge, know-how and skills.

Sekali Dayung, Sastra Jepang FISIP Gaet Empat Perusahaan Jepang

Sekali dayung 2, 4 pulau terlampaui. Peribahasa tersebut pantas disandangkan ke Sastra Jepang FISIP, karena sekali dayung pula 4 perusahaan Jepang mampu digaet oleh Prodi termuda di UNSOED ini. Segala usaha dalam rangka pengembangan Program Studi, dilakukan oleh Prodi Jepang UNSOED.

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