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S1 Ilmu Komunikasi

The spirit of the National Students of Communication FISIP UNSOED Follow Real Working Lecture (KKN) in Riau Islands

Students of Communication Sciences FISIP Unsoed just did Nationality dedication through service learning programs in the province of Riau Islands on July 25 to August 25, 2016.

Balegenggong Nusantara Cultural Festival Collaboration Himakom Fisip UNSOED and Youth Grendeng

Fantastic ! It describes how the hegemony audience at the Kue Lapis produced by Himakom collaboration with the Youth Gema Purwantara 2 Grendeng.

Agus Ganjar Runtiko

Status Kepegawaian: 
Tenaga Pendidik
Gelar Akademik S1: 
Asal Gelar S1: 
Jenderal Soedirman University
Gelar Akademik S2: 
Asal Gelar S2: 
Padjajaran University
Jabatan Fungsional: 
Asisten Ahli
Interest Riset: 
Visual Communication, Cross-Cultural Communication, Development Communication, Media Studies
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