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FISIP Admissions Degree Ceremony Academic Year 2013/2014 with a Public Lecture

Located in Soemardjito Building, Fisip UNSOED admission ceremony TA. 2013/2014, Thursday ( 29 / 08 ). Student admission is characterized by embedding PIN for new student representatives from each department and program of study . In its report the committee chairman activity also Assistant Dean I, Dr .

Fisip Presents Prof. Purnomo Yusgiantoro in Scientific Discussion

Amid the semester holiday, to take place in the courtroom of the International Relations Department, Tuesday (07/2), FISIP Unsoed organized scientific discussions.

Master in Communication Sciences Official Start of Commercial Operations in 2017

Located at the Postgraduate Study of Social Unsoed, present Dean, Vice Dean, the Chairman and Secretary of the Department, Head of Studies, Head of Administration and the Head of Subdivision, Lecturer Fisip Unsoed environment.

Dean of Fisip Unsoed Participate MoU with the Ministry of Foreign Forms ASEAN Studies Center

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jakarta, took place the signing of MoU establishment of the ASEAN Studies Center, December 1, 2016.

Sexual Crimes Can Happen to Anyone

Sexual offense cases are increasingly making parents sad. Chairman of PPT-PKBGA, Tri Wuryaningsih say, sexual abuse can happen to anyone. Not even a hint of cases of infants who are victims of sex crimes from the people around.

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