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A Breakthrough of Multi Level Dakwah Marketing Politics in dealing with Local Culture at Grassroots Level

JudulA Breakthrough of Multi Level Dakwah Marketing Politics in dealing with Local Culture at Grassroots Level
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsNurprojo, Indaru Setyo, and Khairu Roojiqien Sobandi
Conference NameIndonesia and the New Challenges: Multiculturalism, Identity and Self Narration
Date Published2010
Conference LocationGadjah Mada University Yogyakarta, Indonesia
KeywordsIslamic Political Party, Local Culture, Multi Level Dakwah Marketing Politics

This article examines the dynamics of political Islam at grassroots level. It analyzes the unique features of an Islamic party, Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera, PKS), which is arguably viewed as a fundamentalist Islamic party. It also analyses how this party interact with grassroots society’s culture and how it creates a different and unique features of their identity. The result shows that at grassroots level, the PKS used soft ideological methods in dealing with the villagers, which is a Multi Level Dakwah (MLD), as an effective and more efficient political marketing approach. Thus, PKS could remove their stereotype from fundamentalist Islamic Party to moderate Islamic party. The MLD political marketing methods categorized into two main domains, which are: the MLD for internal organizers and members, and MLD for the external followers. The MLD for the internal followers is more as a structural obligation, which is determined by the central organizers of PKS in Jakarta, and it would have the same structure. Surprisingly, the MLD for external followers used hoodlum (preman kampung) at grassroots, known as abangan, as mass mobilizations and more importantly as vote getter especially in voting legislative members at regency level. This unique method is against their ideology as devoted Muslim or Islam. Locally, this external MLD method is a very effective and efficient approach in dealing with local culture and its people in most of rural area in Purbalingga regency. The PKS organizers adapt and adopt with local culture, which is basically as Nahdiyin (Nahdatul Ulama, NU) as traditional and moderate Islam. The breakthrough is came from a PKS local legislative member that used his social networks through hobbies such as playing badminton actively in his neighborhoods as means in creating closed personal relationships with key persons, known as hoodlum (preman kampung), and thus this personal relationship effectively gather some hoodlums as their loyal followers on PKS local legislative elections. The interactions between PKS Muslim, known as more militant and devoted Muslim, with nahdiyin and abangan villagers have created new features identity of PKS Political Islam, which is moderate in practices and eventually increase their popular vote on local legislative elections in Purbalingga Regency from one chair only in 2004 to four chairs of local legislative members in 2009. In short, interactions between devoted Islam variant and local culture have created new development of political Islam at grassroots level. This paper suggests that these unique features of PKS marketing politics at grassroots level through MLD for external followers should be developed and opened for gaining more positive image projections and more importantly popular vote for their legislative member candidates.

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