Build Critical Mindset and Solidarity in 2016 PKK FISIP

Admission Fisip Unsoed 2016 made an impression on new students (maba). Activities for three consecutive days, from Friday to Sunday, 26 to 28 August 2016, with a busy schedule does not diminish the feeling of happiness has joined the Big Family Fisip Unsoed.

Dean Fisip Unsoed Dr. Ali rokhman along with the leadership ranks of the faculty to welcome 465 new students. Graha Widyatama Auditorium, Friday, 08.26.2016 lively with Yel-yel Pride Fisip. Dean shouted “Solidarity! ‘Greeted the thundering sounds of new students’ Fisip…Fisip…..Fisip….Fisip Yesss!’ Accompanied by a standing ovation from the entire audience. Dean appears on the stage honors, ranks Deputy Dean, the Chairman and Secretary of the Department, the Chairman of the Department of Laboratory, Head of Administration, the Head of Sub Division and Head of Scientific Services / Library Fisip.

This ceremonial activities more exciting with entertainment Marching Band Bahana Putra Sudirman and strains Fisip student voice. Admissions new students characterized by embedding pin Fisip Unsoed by the Dean, the student representatives of the five courses. Followed by Promise Students under the Red and White Flag and almamater flag. Motivational sessions presented by Dr. Nanang Martono, lecturer of sociology department, graduate of Université Lyon France.

Ospek along the Student Executive Board (BEM) FISIP place Saturday-Sunday, 27-28 August 2016 using the name Introduction Familiarity Campus (PKK) with the theme “We FISIP (?)”. This is done to to encourage new students so that they can build / understand FISIP identity as well as the movement of critical campus, said Aris Ramdhani Chairman FISIP PKK. The committee tried to reassure and give an overview of what the importance of learning and association, as well as how to balance between the two. So that they can also be an active student in the classroom and is also active in the campus and be able to build solidarity among students to the surrounding community. (Ant)

FISIP UNSOED, Onward Never Surrender…